Prayer Request

Blessings all, I would like to request prayer for my friend Mae and her family. Her son Wes has just undergone radiation treatment for throat cancer and her son, Fred, has lukemia which has moved into his bones and is terminal. Please hold up Fred, his wife Julie, Wes, and Mae in prayer. Thank you and may God bless you all!

Blessings to all!

May God richly bless all of you. Keep the faith and pray for the Holy Spirit to fill us all!

Cuppa J’ Cafe”

Should Christians Teach or Mentor?

Jesus is the ONLY Rabbi/Teacher of the church and forbade disciples to assume either title. We study only when Christ explains the text through the Holy Spirit

Should Christians Debate with People?

When Paul tried to win souls, he reasoned or dialogued with them. Instead of selling his thoughts to them, he invited input and discussed each item with them

Should Biblical Counselors Practice Psychology?

Biblical counselors help to remove obstacles between counselees and Christ. He is the ultimate minister in every counseling situation.

What is Evangelism?

Evangelism is introducing people to Jesus rather than getting them to join your church, share your beliefs, or adopt your lifestyle.

Can Disciples Disciple One Another?

Disciples merely mentor one another. Discipleship is the supernatural process of being transformed (sanctified) personally by Christ into His likeness.

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